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BeSafe iZi Turn car seat review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

We tried out the BeSafe iZi Turn car seat and were hugely impressed with it on many fronts.

BeSafe is a Norwegian company that’s been around for decades and specialises in the production of high-quality, highly-safe car seats.

The iZi Turn is a group 1 rear- and forward-facing car seat that’s suitable for children between six months to approximately four years. The maximum weight it can safely take is 18kg and the maximum height 105cm.

Universal Level Technology

What we loved about the car seat before we’d even driven with it anywhere was the ease of installation.

Once the integrated Isofix base had been clipped into the Isofix inserts of the vehicle’s back seat, BeSafe’s Universal Level Technology (ULT) ensured that our child would be as comfortable as possible when on the move.

This was thanks to the spirit level at the top of the support leg. It was just a simple case of adjusting the leg, and with it the angle of the car seat, until the spirit level was within the two lines, indicating that the seat was horizontal to the vehicle floor.

The great advantage of ULT is that, because the angle of back car seats can be anything between five and 20 degrees, you can always be sure that your child is horizontal in the seat and therefore much more comfortable than being at an angle. And any collisional impact will be distributed to the vehicle floor through the support leg, so your child’s safety isn’t compromised in the slightest.

When putting your child in, the ability to rotate the seat so that you can pop them in while they are facing you is a very practical feature. No more stretching over to try and put them in! You can also recline the seat once they are in it if they need a bit more space.

The seat sits high up, too, which allows the child to easily see out of the passenger window. For anyone with a car-sick prone little one, the ability to see comfortably out of the window rather than being sat below it is a great benefit.


Once on the road, the iZi Turn’s safety features are exceptional. It has built-in side impact protection (SIP) within the seat (as well as an extra SIP plastic piece that easily slips into place) and the headrest uses Dynamic Force Absorber, an advanced piece of technology that increases the safety and protection of your child in a collision.

The headrest also has 10 different height settings and is soft and cosy to the touch. Likewise, the rest of the seat is pure comfort-ville – there were no complaints from the back on a recent journey from London to the coast –and stays very stable at all times.

One other great feature to note is the quality of the harness and buckles. They can sometimes be rather fiddly when trying to tighten and/or loosen them. But the simple pulling mechanism on offer does away with any of that hassle.

In fact, the iZi Turn is a prime example of how to nail a car seat on the safety, comfort and practicality front all in one. We love it.

BeSafe iZi Turn car seat is RRP £449 and available through John Lewis and selective independent retailers, which can be found here at

Watch the easy installation video below:

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