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Introducing The BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Norwegian car seat brand BeSafe is introducing its brand new iZi Turn B i-Size – a baby and toddler car seat in one, suitable from birth to four years old. 

Like a true Scandinavian brand, BeSafe prides itself on its innovation and design, with a spirit of adventure at the heart of everything it does. The company enables you and your family to travel at ease, with the knowledge your children are safely secured in the car. 

The key features of the new iZi Turn B i-Size include:

  • 360 degree rotation, that makes the transfer in and out of the seat simple and easy for parents, reducing stress for everyone involved.
  • A BeSafe Baby Shell and Newborn Hugger. The Baby Shell is a one-of-a-kind baby insert that provides an ideal sitting angle custom made for babies. The Baby Shell adds an extra layer of side impact protection to keep babies safe. The additional Newborn Hugger that is placed inside the Baby Shell has a combination of soft material on the sides of the baby and a wedge to keep newborns snug and supported. It also allows them to lie even flatter by lifting their back instead of the bottom. 
  • A Dynamic Force Absorber. This is a state-of-the-art, innovative headrest design. Created with a honeycomb placement of V-shaped materials, allowing for controlled bending in the inner area of the seat, whilst keeping a rigid outer frame. By bending like a trampoline, the seat allows for a perfectly controlled and very gentle cushioning of the child. This gives them the most advanced protection in the event of a side impact collision. This brand new design advances the car seat industry away from the traditional polystyrene side impact support, which most car seats are still currently made from.

BeSafe is world renowned for its safety credentials. Its research and development team continually focuses on creating innovative products that will improve children’s safety on the roads. All its car seats undergo extreme tests to ensure the highest quality standards.

The iZi Turn B i-Size is available in seven different colour ways. For more information visit here.

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