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Britax King II LS

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The King II LS car seat from Britax is all about putting your trouble with harnessing in the past and peace of mind when it comes to your child’s safety.

First Impressions

Britax’s newest car seat has an up-to-date and clean design in “Black Thunder”, with the Britax label neatly on the head cushion. The dark colour means it will likely suit your car’s interior, but also not show up any stains or pick up fingerprints easily. However, for those who want a lighter colour, a summer cover in pale blue is offered, alongside a ‘Keep cool’ one. It is both comfortable and sleek, so pretty inviting to the child who will be using it. It’s worth mentioning that it is rather bulky and quite heavy when picking it up, but there’s no doubting the sturdy build will give you the confidence that your child is travelling safely.

The seat is surprisingly simple to attach to the car, with clear images given on the side of the seat itself, as well as instructions for anyone who is struggling. The instruction manual tends not to be needed and it is in place after a few quick steps. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable and there are well-written instructions in the manual to demonstrate how you pull the straps while pushing down a lever at the base of the chair.


The most innovative feature on the Britax King II LS car seat is the new light and sound harness indicator that tells you when your child is strapped in safely. A small green light will come on with a little click sound – undramatic but useful nonetheless. Although the instruction manual does say it takes batteries, it may be worth asking where the battery compartment is as it can be tricky to find. That being said, the King II comes with the first set installed, so this does not have to be an immediate worry.

The design allows the seat to tip when routing the belt, meaning there is a hugely reduced risk of clipping it in wrongly. It has a brilliant five-point harness system with a single pull adjustment, ensuring 360° protection in the event of a crash. The side wings are nicely padded, which not only allows for optimum protection but is also very comfortable for your child. The forward chest pads also reduce your child’s forward movement making it a very safe ride.

Cleaning-wise, the padded covers are washable and easy to remove. You can simply leave the seat safely installed in the car whilst putting them through the machine. The head rest is also adjustable so you can seat your child as happily as possible.

The seat fits children from 9kg to 18kg which is approximately from 9 months to 4 years and makes for a great second seat, safely lasting them for a long period of time. There are also lots of different recline positions, usefully adjusting for age difference and level of sleepiness.

FQ Verdict

If you would like the reassurance that your child is strapped in safely whilst using a car seat they find incredibly comfortable, the Britax King II LS has more than enough to satisfy.