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Bambino Mio miosolo: the perfect reusable nappy

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Disposable nappies aren’t for every child – which is where Bambino Mio’s reusable nappies come in…

Jungle snake design.

The miosolo reusable nappy by Bambino Mio ticks every box in the world of reusable nappies.

With some reservations about reusable nappies after trying a few others out (the mess! the leaks!), we could not believe how easy and nice to use the miosolo nappies were.

Wild Cat design.

Firstly, the material inside is super soft on your baby’ skin, even after it’s had numerous washes. The nappy is a one-size from about 4kg upwards – our baby was around 18 months and it was a lovely, snug fit. The hook and loop straps on the nappy make it very easy to adjust. There are also poppers that you can use to really adjust it to your baby’s size.

Hummingbird design.

We like to use reusable nappies overnight in particular and found that, unlike others we’d tried, there was absolutely no leakage in the morning! This felt like a godsend. Also, there is a little cord that you can pull to remove the hidden inner layer that absorbs the wee – which means it so simple to then bung in the washer (without having to stick your hand inside and get it all wet).

On top of this, there are loads of sweet designs to choose from. In fact the new rainforest designs have six in total, from little monkeys to sloths and toucans. It’s virtually impossible for your little one not to look cute in them.

For more information or to buy the miosolo nappy, visit RRP £15.99.