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Fisher-Price First Steps Jumperoo

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Fisher-Price First Steps Jumperoo means your baby can have fun in a bouncer whilst being encouraged to take their first few steps in a safe and nurturing environment.

First Impressions

It’s brightly coloured and instantly exciting to the eye, making it visually stimulating for babies. It also has a deceptively high number of toys as options for play, spaced well so they don’t look overwhelming or crowded. The hanging toys found on the other Jumperoos are not included on this one, but your little one can roll the red frog or bat the little bird, chat to themselves in the Lion Mirror and bounce up and down at the same time! Jumping around will trigger lights and music for your baby, stimulating them through sound and helping them to learn cause and effect.

The Jumperoo is free standing and the frame extends to enable your little one to start the process of walking. The extension isn’t hugely long, so your baby can really only take a few steps so you may decide on a more suitable walker toy for the next stage of development. Being fairly quick to assemble, it only needs one person and takes about 15 minutes – even with a toddler helping!


With a comfortable seat for your baby, the First Steps Jumperoo provides the perfect place for your child to take their first tentative steps. All the bouncing and leg work helps to develop strong muscles and improve motor skills while the visual, physical and auditory stimulation allows your little one to grow to their full potential – learning as they go.

Being safe and secure, it also gives them encouragement and support to progress to further. The seat pad is machine washable and can be removed, so nice and simple to clean.

This toy will grow with your baby, even having adjustable legs with 3 positions, so although the price may seem a touch expensive, it can be seen as an investment. Luckily, the volume and music can be altered so they shouldn’t begin to grate on your nerves. The fact that the First Steps keeps your child stimulated and having fun, means you can put on a quick load of laundry or simply have a cup of coffee.

The seat has a 360 degree spin that the baby can control themselves, so the toys can be played with from all angles. Fisher Price have also thought to put soft covers over the springs to protect little fingers and keep them safe from harm. It’s worth noting that it does need 2 AA batteries, which will need to be replaced, so it’s worth keeping some spare.

It is large and does not fold away like the Rainforest Jumperoo, which means it takes up an awful lot of space – more so if extended for the walking feature. However, the size does mean it is easier for you – as a dad – to get involved in showing your baby how to bat the bird or start the music and watch as they learn from you.

FQ Verdict

The First Steps Jumperoo is a great toy for babies who have been a little unsure of making their first move towards walking. It’s safe, gets your child naturally involved and encourages them to engage with their senses at every opportunity. Combining two products in one, it really gives them the confidence needed to take their first steps unaided in an exciting environment.