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LeapPad3 Learning Tablet

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

LeapFrog’s new tablet comes with some great features but does it really stand up as an investment in your child’s education?

First Impressions

The new LeapPad comes with a new and improved 5-inch touchscreen, 4 gigabytes of memory, as well as two 2-megapixel cameras, one at the front and one at the back, which can record video. Also, as is typical, the device comes with a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and a fast processor to make the use of its UI (User Interface), which is smooth and easy. There is also a cool stylus for more accurate selections and writing.

Overall, the design is sleek and made from sturdy materials. Alleviating any worries parents might have about it breaking a minute after buying it, the tablet has been drop tested, impact tested and compression tested to ensure that it remains unscathed during your child’s various learning mishaps.


The LeapPad3 comes with 10 built-in apps, including Music Player (which includes 10 learning songs), calculator, notepad, clock, calendar, voice memo and two special apps called Pet Pad Party and Pet Chat. The latter two allow the user to create their own pet for themselves, or to share with other users, and simultaneously chat and communicate.

This is great for giving your little one the chance to experience some level of responsibility in a secure environment and means they can experience interaction without having to be exposed to the obvious dangers of social media.

FQ Verdict

There is no doubt the LeapPad3 is an incredibly fun and integrated learning tool. It has all the benefits of getting them a tablet without the hassle and worry of online safety. Its educational apps will teach your kids to interact with technology from a young age, whilst also educating them in areas such as maths, English and countless others. Our view? This is a product more than worth the investment.