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Stokke MyCarrier 3-in-1

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Stokke MyCarrier means carrying your baby in comfort and style as they grow.

First Impressions

Often with baby products, you can buy the initial product for a reasonable price but costs begin to build up when you have to buy new attachments for newborns, toddlers, seasons and different weathers. However, the Stokke MyCarrier comes in a box with everything you need for both back and front carrying – from newborns up to 3 years old.

The carrier looks high-quality from the moment you take it out of the box. It’s also made from organic fabric, which is very safe for babies – they can often be sensitive to new materials – and comes in 6 different colours, including the more unusual purple or red, which is great for dads who like a brighter choice!

The style is also quite rugged and outdoorsy which gives it that extra dad appeal. It is worth noting that it’s quite heavy and structured, so may not be best used for holidays with limited weight/space.


This carrier can be quite difficult to put together and adjust into different positions, but Stokke have a few videos (available on Youtube) which can really help. It’s a great idea to bookmark the video you find most helpful on your smartphone so you have it to hand whenever you need it.

There are also lots of straps which can be confusing but make it highly adjustable. Those who are used to carriers will find it straightforward to use and it becomes simpler when your baby is supporting their own head. Make sure all the straps and fasteners are done up on one side so you just need to insert the baby and clip them in – it makes life a lot easier!

The straps are really comfortable and baby’s weight is distributed evenly, making it much lighter to wear. Your child will find it comfy and probably fall asleep as you go about your day, wander through the country or explore the city – very handy for those looking for a ‘hands-free’ sling alternative! There’s also a sleep support especially for little ones who like to snooze through your adventures.

The harnesses are wonderfully adaptable and so cater for all body shapes, both male and female. Being able to swap between mum and dad can be so important in a product and very useful on a day out – if you’re hiking up Snowdonia then you may want to take turns! Safety-wise, the carrier has been made using the ‘happy hips’ design which means their legs are in a natural sitting/straddling position to enable proper hip development.

The side pockets are really useful – especially if you’re popping out to the shops and don’t need much with you – and will easily fit cash/a card, your key, ID and phone in. The product is machine washable, but could be a bit tricky to clean. Stokke have just released the MyCarrier Bib which should solve this problem; these come in packs of two so you can use one while you wash the other.

The carrier is very useful as it really does grow with your child and that is a huge plus. Although it can be a bit confusing to fasten at first, it does become clearer and the comfort it provides for you and your little one is worth the perseverance.

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FQ Verdict

This is a great carrier for those parents looking for something that will really stand the test of time whilst being safe, comfortable and stylish.