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BabyBjörn Carrier We

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The BabyBjörn Carrier We not only grows with your child, but has the versatility to cope anytime and anywhere.

First Impressions

At first glance, the Carrier We is black, sleek and nicely suited to dads who want a carrier with style. It’s comfortable for your child and provides good support for newborns. Importantly, it also looks to offer a much better position for babies, taking weight off the crotch area and supporting the hips.

Although it looks strong and feels supportive, the We also rolls up fairly small and can be put into a changing bag or rucksack if you don’t need it at any point during the day. It’s very easy to put on and the absence of lots of fiddly straps to work out is wonderful – particularly if you’re sleep deprived or just looking for something simple. As for the straps that are included, they are easy to pull or loosen yourself, which is great for when your partner’s not around and it’s just you and your baby hitting the town (or adventuring through the country).


Unlike some previous BabyBjorn carriers, the Hip Belt on the We provides nice support, so stays comfortable even when carrying heavier children. The extra padding makes wearing it a much more enjoyable experience! It sits nicely on the shoulders, and because the weight is distributed on the hips, you don’t feel weighed down or off-balance.

For added simplicity – and relief for anxious new parents – you can simply adjust it on you, open the side and slip the little one in. We found it really easy! There’s also a reassuringly loud click as the buckle fastens so you know your baby is secure and the clip is done up properly. You can actually transition from back to front while your child is in the carrier, which is a great feature for children who like to change their view of the world, or who prefer sleeping on your front/back and need a quick switch if they start to look sleepy.

There are three positions enabling the carrier to grow with your child. This is a huge positive because there’s nothing worse than finding a carrier that works for you and then your baby promptly grows out of it! It’s also a very economical choice for the financially-aware father. The zipper inside the seat also creates more space for babies as they grow, so you don’t feel like they are being squashed into a small space.

FQ Verdict

Björn Jakobson, the founder and CEO of BabyBjörn, was aiming for a practical carrier which fitted an ‘active lifestyle’ and worked alongside all aspects of family life. He thought it should be “just as easy to put on and wear at home in the middle of the night as it is in a queue at the airport.”

The BabyBjörn Carrier We definitely fits that definition and really is simplicity at its best!