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Cosatto Story Cotbed

Story Cotbed
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Cosatto’s Story Cotbed offers lasting practicality whilst retaining the sense of fun that makes the brand so celebrated.

First Impressions

The ‘My Robot’ Story Cotbed is a striking yellow, which immediately brightens any room. The robot design is stencilled on the cot ends/bedheads in grey and will definitely engage your little one. This is a statement piece which can be worked into any nursery, whether a smaller cubby-hole or a spacious room.

It’s great that you can use the Story as a cot from birth, transform it into a child’s bed for up to 5 years and then still make use of it as a sofa. This longevity is a huge point of appeal, as it means parents don’t need to purchase several different pieces of furniture, keeping costs down and meaning children – who often don’t want to move on from things they love – have some consistency.

The Story is also relatively easy to put together and the instructions are straightforward, however more images would be helpful! Once assembled, the bed is sturdy and reliable. Even after a substantial amount of use (and children jumping on it), the paintwork and design remain unchipped and the structure stays solid.


The drawer – which is built in – is actually on wheels, making it really easy to slide in and out quickly. This is a positive for dads you don’t want to pull their backs wrenching it, or mums who still need to be careful after a C-section. However, you might need to pop a child-lock on, as it’s so easy even your toddler can do it (again and again and again)!

If used as a cot, the Story has a changing station and the drawer can be used for storing extra nappies, wipes and barrier creams. The changing table sits on top of the cot, instantly saving space compared to freestanding changing tables which require extra room. It’s high enough that baby is lifted towards you, so there’s no need to bend awkwardly and if you’re really pushed for space, then the drawer is big enough to store spare clothes or bedding as well!

The fact that the Story is designed to last for so many years, first as a cot, then a toddler bed and finally as a sofa, puts extra pressure on having a high-quality mattress. The Cosatto mattress is firm, supportive and comfortable, meaning sleep is much more likely to be long and restful (and if it’s restful for your child, it’s restful for you).

FQ Verdict

The ‘My Robot’ Story Cotbed is a fun statement piece, providing a comfortable night’s sleep for your little one for many years to come.