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Cosatto Noodle Supa

Noodle Supa
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

As well as their signature blend of quirky and colourful, Cosatto’s Noodle Supa highchair also delivers plenty of practicality.

First Impressions

The Noodle Supa is really fun on first appearance, coming in an array of bright designs from Dilly Dolly to Monster Mash and C-Rex. These different patterns really give parents a nice range of choice, and – as with all Cosatto products – children will absolutely love the colours.

The chair is easy to assemble, with clear colour-coded pictures featuring on the instructions. Once put together, it feels sturdy, strong and comes with a four year guarantee which demonstrates Cosatto’s confidence in its durability.


The Noodle is nice and secure when your baby is strapped in, so your budding Houdini can be fed without too many worries. You do need to remove the tray in order to get your little one in and out – but that’s not too much of a problem as it can be taken off with one hand. The chair also folds down to a smaller height and can be stored quite easily, though it’s worth noting that it is quite wide when collapsed, so a narrow space wouldn’t be appropriate.

The fact that the highchair can be adjusted to 6 different heights is a really useful feature, great for all the family to join in feeding time and meaning parents can avoid having to bend so much.

As the feeding trays come off easily, this can work in conjunction with the different heights so your baby can join you at the table – a nice consideration!

The chair also has 3 different recline positions and an adjustable footrest so that you can make it comfortable for your youngster rather than having to conform to a ‘one size fits all’ type seat. If your baby feels like a little nap after dinner, but you want to keep him in the kitchen with you, just recline the seat and let them get comfy!

The Noodle has a pop-off design for its feeding trays, where the top one can simply be taken off to leave you with a fresh, clean tray underneath. This is perfect if your baby has two courses, as you can pop the top off after course one and not worry about having to try and clean it while your baby squirms and complains.

Unlike some other highchairs where you need to buy trays and extras separately, this product comes with everything you need. The seat is also padded, so you don’t worry about sore bottoms on hard surfaces if dinner time is a leisurely affair. The fact that it lasts until your child is 3 years old (without the trays attached) means that this chair really is great value for money and another useful product to grow with your child – something which is always appealing.

FQ Verdict

The Noodle Supa highchair is a bright and comfy seat for your child from weaning to three. The practical pop-off tray system and adjustable height make it an ideal choice for both youngsters and parents.