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Concord Reverso

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The rearward-facing Concord Reverso represents a new generation of car seats.

First Impressions

The Reverso has a smart design, which car-loving dads might be pleased to hear doesn’t shout ‘baby’! Despite having an unfussy style, it still looks comfortable for your child.

Coming in a variety of black, brown, beige and grey, it should be relatively simple to match your car’s interior, and for those dads who want a little more colour, it comes in Denim Blue, Raspberry Pink and Ruby Red.

This seat is also highly adjustable – something lacking in many car seats – while not being overly complicated. The red-green mechanical indicators are particularly reassuring, especially for first time parents who can feel a little out of their depth with car seats.


The Reverso uses the ISOfix base system – which is though to increase safety for your child in the event of a crash – so you will need to have ISOfix points installed and it’s worth being aware that some older cars aren’t equipped to use them. Most i-Size regulation seats can only hold very small children as the combined weight of the seat and child must be 33kg or less. However, the blend of innovative materials and lightweight frame means the Reverso will last until your child weighs roughly 23kg, offering better longevity for parents and a sustained rearward-facing option.

This is also the first i-Size seat to pass the Swedish Plus Safety Test – famous for being ultra-strict. Some parents may initially be anxious that the harness is a 3-point rather than 5-point, but this doesn’t reduce safety at all. When tested, the seat registered impressive results in all impact tests – frontal, rear and side. The cushioning of the impact plate buffers the rebound after an impact and reduces the strain in the event of a rear collision.

Continuing the trend of innovation, the Reverso is also the first i-Size seat permitted for newborns. The newborn inlay allows the seat to be safely used from birth to between 3 and 5 months, when your youngster should fit in the seat itself.

Babies should be comfortable using the inlay, which is soft and cushioned for those fragile first few months and provides excellent support. You can adjust the head support easily and as your child grows, they will be able to rest their feet on the impact plate for maximum comfort – a very nice touch!

A big plus, and again something quite original, is that the angle of lying, sitting and leg supports can be adjusted from the driver’s seat. As safety regulations now strongly suggest children should travel in the back, this is incredibly useful and forward thinking, really appealing to dads who have to do journeys alone with their child.

The Reverso’s special ventilation is another standout, achieved through a design which allows air to circulate more effectively at the back of the seat, meaning your child should find it much easier to stay cool.

FQ Verdict

The first i-Size seat to offer optimum safety for this length of time and with minimal weight, it doesn’t get any more innovative than the Reverso.