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Cosatto Hug Charleston

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Looking beyond the striking deco sunrise pattern, the Hug Charleston offers extra comfort and security for your little one.

First Impressions

Made with luxury fabrics, it’s impossible to ignore this rather posh car seat. The Charleston will have parents – particularly fans of retro style – whipping out their wallets quicker than you can shout ‘Hollywood!’ Combining classic design elements with a modern twist, the result is Cosatto’s signature blend of quirky and unique.

The Hug has a pretty lightweight and portable feel to it, so there’s less strain on the inevitable bad back that comes with parenthood. Converting from a baby seat to a booster and lasting from approximately 9 months to 12 years, the seat also grows alongside your child, possessing the longevity factor parents often look for in baby products.

Installation is fairly straightforward, but it can take a few goes before you really get the hang of it and may require a team-effort at times.


Don’t let the fun design pull the wool over your eyes, the Charleston is as simple and practical as they come. Structured with an astonishing amount of padding, it really is as though the seat is giving your little one a giant bear-hug, making them feel safe and secure.

Of course, its ability to convert into a big kid booster seat is the real standout, meaning the Hug covers groups 1, 2 and 3, and could potentially last an impressive decade – although this does depend on how quickly your child grows!

With this in mind, the adjustability of the seat is crucial and it certainly delivers. Your little one won’t stay little forever and the Hug features a 5 position recline, a useful flippable liner and straps that automatically adjust when the headrest gets higher.

Safety-wise, Cosatto really have gone the extra mile with ‘Go Safe’ extra-cushioned side impact protection and a 5 point safety harness with quick-release buckle, perfect for when you need to get them out of the car sharpish! The seat is also compatible with a 3-point seatbelt.

The Hug’s upholstery, thick armrests and extra padding will also give your child the comfort they need for long car journeys, while pads for tummy and chest add that extra layer of security.

As far as practicality, the pop-off covers are really easy to clean and a huge bonus is the free 4-year Cosatto guarantee, offering another dose of insurance that you have a product built for the long-run. The Hug feels a little bulky in certain situations, but all that padding must have to go somewhere!

FQ Verdict

Strong, striking and comfortable, the Hug Charleston is ideal for on-the-go parents who don’t want to compromise on safety.