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Micro Scooter
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Can the fun Micro Scooters really save time and add ease to getting around with your kids?

First Impressions

PRICE: Mini Micro, £69.95; Micro Sprite, £89.95; Micro Flex, £114.95

Micro Scooters UK was founded in 2006 by two mums, Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty, after they discovered how much easier it was to get from A to B with their young children using tough, lightweight scooters instead of buggies. As a brand they cater for people of virtually any age – selling scooters suitable for one year-old toddlers up to grandparents. Celeb parents such as Jamie Oliver, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Samantha Cameron have all jumped on the Micro scooter bandwagon and have been spotted racing round town, kids in toe.

The design is sleek and streamlined, modern but retaining a retro feel. The colours and patterns available in each model (Mini Micro, Micro Sprite and Micro Flex) are appealing to the age they’re aimed at – which is great fun!


So the Mini Micro Scooter is aimed at ages 3 – 5 years. The look is spot-on for younger children including colour combinations (where the handles are a different colour to the base) and even the ability to create your own and have a whole array of different colours. It has a lean and steer intuitive scooting style to help younger children get the hang of it, while the brake is brilliantly sensitive – so no safety worries there.

The Micro Sprite Scooter is for children aged 5 – 12 years of age and is lightweight but durable. It has a useful kickstand that enables it to stand up by itself. It steers like a bike, so children can master scooting quickly. Adjustable and coming in a huge colour range, it’s a scooter that will stand the test of time!

The Micro Flex is for 12 years to adult, and the style reflects that nicely. Strong enough to deal with cracked urban pavements, it also absorbs jolts to give a smooth ride. It’s easy to store, simple to fold and light to carry, with a max weight of 95kg, dads have got no excuse not to join in too!

First Hand Parent – Child Review

Trying to find an activity the whole family can do together is an almost impossible task in most households. Having a two and five year old with endless amounts of energy, needing constant entertaining and with parents that want to stay active we have been searching for an answer. Our search was over with scooting. Not only a child friendly activity, there are adult sized scooters that not only look good but ride smoothly and collapse down for easy storage and movability. It’s not easy looking for a scooter for a two-year-old, one that they can move easily and keep up with siblings and parents. Micro-scooter has the answer (the ‘Mini Micro’ scooter), a fully adaptable scooter that changes with their growth.

Mini Micro – We used the sit down attachment which enabled our two year old son to self propel himself. He was able to keep up with us and safely and move around which was lovely for us and enabled us to relax and enjoy the whole experience without worrying about him falling off.

Micro Sprite – Our five year old used the stylish and fully adjustable ‘Micro Sprite’ scooter, he was able to put it up himself easily and collapse back down. Whilst using these scooters both boys were learning to balance, improve co ordination and burn off lots of energy!

Micro Flex – The two adult ‘Micro Flex’ scooters gave us brilliant exercise, took us back to our youth and most importantly put a big smile on our faces.

FQ Verdict

All of the scooters featured are quality products that really can give a family lots of fun together, even down to very young members! A great way to get your children moving (and yourself) and even speed up that school run…