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Diono Radian 5

Radian 5
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Diono Radian 5 is thoughtfully designed and aims to provide optimum safety for as long as possible.

First Impressions

On first viewing the Diono Radian 5, it’s a stylish seat and looks very comfortable for babies and children – a highly important factor to parents who use the car frequently or for longer trips. Based on the bestselling and popular US version, it allows for longer rear-facing use and concentrates on safety without compromising practicality.

It is available in Black, Lagoon and Plum, which allows a nice choice for those parents looking to buy more than one seat.


The Radian 5 has extended rear facing capacity, which you can use from birth right up until your child is 7 years old. It has been proven that travelling in a rear facing car seat is up to 5 times safer than a forward facing seat, so it’s a big reassurance to parents and definitely a job well done by Diono. If you choose to move the seat to forward-facing, the 5-point harness can also be used right up to the maximum age limit.

In order to rear face right up to 7 years old, Diono have used seatbelt installation rather than isofix. Despite the popularity of isofix points, seatbelts are able to hold twice the weight, meaning it’s actually the only option for extended rear facing seats that have high weight capacities. Installation might seem daunting to some parents, especially first-timers, however Diono has some very clear step-by-step instruction videos on their website which are very useful and simple to follow.

A truly practical touch is the exclusive fold mechanism in the seat. It allows you to fold the base up, making it both easier to store and to carry. Parents who use more than one car, or those often need to remove the seat, will really appreciate this thoughtful feature.

Your child’s comfort has also been carefully considered and a thick memory foam seat base alongside a comfy headrest and lots of padding means your child will stay comfortable even on longer journeys. Their comfort not only ensures a nicer (read: less moany) journey for you, but also ensures less fidgeting and wriggling which helps your child stay in the optimum position for safety. A newborn insert is available to make sure the smallest travellers are just as comfortable and secure.

The steel frame makes the Radian 5 strong and durable, giving an immovable core, while energy absorbing foam prevents crash forces reaching your child, keeping them safe and protected at all times. Interestingly, the advanced design actually allows the seat to be relatively narrow so that all 3 back seats can easily be used – a particularly good addition for families using more than one car seat.

FQ Verdict

Diono are so confident in the Radian 5 that they are offering a warranty that covers the entire lifetime of the seat (10 years), and you can see why. It’s cleverly designed with strength and safety at its core, but still makes the comfort of the child and practicality of use a priority.