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iCandy Raspberry

iCandy Raspberry
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The iCandy Raspberry is sleek, stylish and perfectly suited to the urban jungle.

First Impressions

On first seeing the Raspberry, it is streamline and modern with contemporary curves. Unlike many pushchairs, it’s small in stature making it highly suited to city life. One of its biggest and best points is that it is all-in-one, meaning it doesn’t have a separate carrycot for newborns whilst still being suitable from birth. Attempting the bus or tube with separate pieces of a collapsed buggy is a nightmare, whereas the Raspberry simply collapses into a single piece, cleverly eliminating this problem. The transition from upright to folded is seamless and it is also usefully freestanding once collapsed.

There are 7 colours to choose from, and you can choose a different flavour pack for your next baby to change up the colour without having to change the stroller itself – which is a great option to have open for the future.


The seat is comfortable for little ones, and even without the carrycot, using the ‘Newborn Pod’ your tiny baby is safe and secure. The padding on the straps is protective and made of high quality material that doesn’t wear quickly. The straps fasten easily and are long enough to accommodate a toddler in their Winter coat.

It is both parent facing and world facing, and all three seat positions can be used both ways. You simply click the seat out, turn it and click it back in the opposite way to change this over. The different positions are set at good levels, with the middle being a nice awake position for young babies who aren’t old enough to be fully upright yet.

It’s a great stroller for days out because it’s small enough to not get in the way on the train home (or in a café) when your little one needs a nap. It can even slip into some of the smallest corner shops where most buggies don’t fit the door.

The basket is a really good size for a stroller that’s so small. It holds 5kg in weight, and works best without bags for shopping (so you can save your pennies too) and you can pack a really substantial amount in there if you use the space right. The adjustable handle is useful and comfortable for both taller and shorter dads. There’s a concealed storage pod, which can be used for the raincover or any valuables you want to put in a safer spot. The raincover itself provides really good protection and stays on well even when taking a battering from a coastal wind. It’s quick and easy to fit, so there’s no fumbling in a sudden shower.

Of course, what all dads really want to know is how it drives, and it moves remarkably well. It’s gives a smooth ride and the plastic tyres absorb shock from the pavements well. It’s lightweight and slim-line, and perfect for whipping round squished Supermarket aisles while other parents are getting stuck. It’s very easy to dip up and down curbs, feels stable across the cracks and responds to a light touch.

FQ Verdict

A streamline and stylish pushchair that’s exactly right for tackling city life as a modern parent.