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Want Your Kid to Learn a Musical Instrument? Check out this Digital Piano

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The CDP-S90 piano will help you learn and love music.

The Casio product has been created to inspire musicians of all ages and abilities, but it’s especially good for a beginner’s first piano. How do we know this? Well, we tried it out with our own kids. Yeah, we know, we should have kept the digital instrument all wrapped up for Christmas. But, what the hell, the earlier you start to get your fingers tinkering on the old ivories, the better, right?

Listen, the team here at FQ, don’t have much of a musical bone in our collective bodies, but even we managed to get a tune from the CDP-S90. But our kids blew us away with their melodious mitts. Maybe it’s the music lessons at school, or maybe its easier to learn something new when you’re younger. Whatever the case, the kids teased more from this Casio piano then any of us could ever hope to achieve.

Yeah, we know, we know; if we gave it a lot more time and had a little patience, then we might actually be able to teach ourselves to play properly. But, the kids are loving it, so why rain on their parade?

To be honest, the CDP-S90 has so much going for it, that anyone could play it well, if they put their mind to it. Why? Well just feast your eyes on the list below.

Key Features:

  • It’s ultra slim and portable
  • 88 weighted keys helps build finger strength and good technique from the start
  • There are 10 dynamic stereo tones to explore different instruments and a rich piano sound
  • There’s a battery Power option (6 AA batteries give up to 13 hours of playing time) for music on the move
  • You get a headphone output (3.5 mm Jack) for silent practice
  • The weight is only 10.5kg 
  • The dimensions are just 1322 x 232 x 99 mm
  • There’s a music rest included

Free Lessons

The free online lessons included at the Casio Music Academy and the fun ‘Chordana Play for Piano’ learning app that you get with the keyboard will help your kids to develop their piano skills and practice at home.

Your children can practice any time they like, without disturbing the neighbours, as they can easily plug in their headphones.

What are you waiting for? Sounds like an ideal Christmas present to us, even though we unwrapped our digital piano early.

To find out more about the Casio CDP-S90, head to

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