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LeapBuilders Phonics Alphabet House review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

We got hold of the new LeapBuilders Phonics Alphabet House and thought it was kings of the blocks.

The first thing that hits you when you open up the box is just how beautifully bright and colourful the set is. And how many pieces there are for your child to get stuck into. (It’s a 60+ piece set, in case you were wondering.)

Test building skills.

The clever thing about these blocks is the way that you can insert any 20 of the smart blocks into the Smart Star unit and it then helps your child learn a letter or a shape or an object like a flower. Put in one particular block and it even says, “Hi, Dad, I love you!”

So much to do.

There are over a whopping 170 different sounds, including cute-sounding music, and vocabulary phrases. And what’s also neat is that you can use blocks from other LeapBuilder sets, so there’s no end to the fun they can have. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to see your child’s creativity in full flow with a set of blocks that are nice and chunky and easy to use.

This new interactive and educational building set from LeapFrog is worth every penny.