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Introducing the Tiny Farm Gymini Kick & Play

Tiny Love
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Provide your baby with hours of fun and stimulation with this fantastic new play mat.

Tiny Love, the much-loved developmental toy brand, launches their fun-filled Gymini Kick & Play play mat, RRP £59.99.

Inspiring babies’ natural progression in a whimsical farm environment, the Gymini features 18 stimulating developmental activities including a clever response pad, designed to promote important milestones such as motor skills, visual and auditory cognition and senses.

Featuring three ways to play, watch little one’s eyes light up as they explore with their Tiny Farm friends.

Open-Side option

Creates a spacious area for baby to engage with the Gymini’s tactile toys.

Closed-Side option

Great for extended tummy time, parents can get peace of mind when baby is in closed boarder mode.

Sit and Play option

Ideal for developing toddlers, the Gymini’s arches can be removed to form a larger play area.

Encouraging exploration and discovery, the Gymini’s features include:

  • Adjustable arches for multiple play modes
  • Responsive pad with lights and music (hands and feet)
  • Playful toys including a cow wind chime, crinkly peek-a-boo sun and jumpy rabbit toy
  • Carrot teether and peek-a-boo pocket
  • Sunflower teether and leaf
  • Mirror for extended tummy time
  • Machine washable activity mat

The Dual-Sided Electronic Response Pad

The Tiny Farm Gymini Kick & Play features an engaging response pad that encourages baby to further their understanding of cause and effect through lights and music. Kick & Play mode is for baby’s feet and Tap & Play mode for baby’s hands. Strengthening leg, arm and upper body muscles, the clever pad prepares baby for milestones such as rolling over and crawling.  

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