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5 autumn-friendly birthday party ideas

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Who said you couldn’t have fun in autumn? These party ideas will let your kid have a blast of a time.

Is it your kid’s birthday this autumn? Are you dreading having to come up with a brilliant idea which will be both fun and engaging? Don’t fret – we’ve come up with five smashing ideas for an excellent birthday party you can prepare even in the colder months.

Go on a treasure hunt

Going on a scavenger hunt to search for treasures is an excellent activity to perform at a party. Make sure all your kid’s guests are informed in advance to bring weatherproof clothing (and potentially some spares in case of mud-damage). If everyone is sufficiently warm and dry, there is no reason the colder seasons should dissuade you from the great outdoors. They’ll have a blast roaming around with their friends and searching for hidden treasures and clues. Hiding a treasure chest and supplying them with a map makes for an excellent pirate or explorer-themed party.

Go to an (indoor) swimming pool

While going swimming in autumn may not sound like the best of ideas at first, it can actually be brilliant if it’s an indoor swimming pool. Many larger ones are geared towards kids and contain a variety of fun activities for them to do while they’re there. It’s brilliant exercise and they’ll have a wonderful time with their friends. Your local pool may offer child-friendly food and special activities for birthday parties. Swimming pools can be a daunting safety concern for large groups of small children so make sure to have a second adult with you. With this concern out of the way, there is nothing in the way of a brilliant party.

Go to the cinema

As we’ve noted elsewhere, 2018 has been – and is still going to be – a great year for family films. While it might not be the most creative idea for your child’s birthday party, it’s still a fun experience they can enjoy with their friends and an easy way for you to sit back and relax while your children are being entertained. Don’t want to go to the cinema? Then why not watch a kids’ classics at home? Especially the latter is great for keeping everyone happy while you’re busy preparing dinner or the next game.

Have a games-laden afternoon

Board games are fun. And the more, the merrier. If you’ve invited your child’s best friends to play for their birthday party, being locked indoors if it’s raining outdoors doesn’t have to be a disaster. Instead, turn playing a board game into a fun experience. Pick something which isn’t too difficult, since the company can cause the children to be less concentrated than usual. The good old classics like pass the parcel and pin the tail can easily be spiced up by adapting them to your party’s theme if you have one, leading us to our final tip…

Have a themed party

Of course, you can combine some of the ideas above. Or why not come up with your own and produce a party which will last the whole day? In that case, why not have a themed birthday party? Children often develop specific interests in one topic at a time. Going with their currently favourite topic will definitely make them happy. A Star Wars themed birthday cake? A living room decorated in the style of Elsa’s ice palace? Anything goes. Just be as creative as possible. Your child will certainly thank you.