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How your kids can reuse Joolz packaging

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Stimulate your child’s imagination with these creative ways of using Joolz product packaging.

With the whole country still in lockdown, parents are understandably looking for ways to keep their children entertained at home.

With that in mind, premium parenting brand Joolz has come up with a few examples of the fun and creative ways you can use the packaging from their products to keep kids entertained for hours.

Both big and small cardboard boxes – unpack them first – then convert them into a bird house, a reindeer or an airplane which can be painted or personalised to create a completely unique toy for your children and a new arts and crafts creation.

Below are the different ways you can use the boxes from different Joolz pushchair models as well as smaller packaging box ideas. (But of course, feel free to create anything you like!)

Day 3 box

A bird box for your garden…

Joolz AER box

An AER-oplane!..

Geo 2 box

An impressive deer…

Hub box

Sail away in a boat…

Smaller Joolz boxes

From wild animals to practical items like a mobile and even a lamp!…

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