How To Travel

5 ways to relieve travel boredom

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

From reading to bucket lists, enjoy five great ways to pass time while travelling.

Visiting a certain destination is fun, but sometimes the time it takes to get there can be a pain in the butt. It’s just hours and hours of sitting in a spot with nothing to do. In that spirit, we decided to give you a small list of fun and exciting activities to try out while on the road.


Books are amazing tools to keep your mind occupied. They are one of the best ways to use your free time wisely. There are books on numerous topics, you just need to discover your taste and find the best book. If you have a child, here is a list of books that parents love to read to their kids.

Online games

If you are not too fond of books, maybe you should try something more exciting and nerve-wracking. Online bingo, for example, is a great way to speed up your heartbeat and make time pass by without even noticing. Who knows, maybe you can get lucky and increase your travel budget.

The fun thing about online bingo is that tickets are extremely cheap and unlike many other games, the risk of losing huge amounts of money is small. And since you’re most likely to travel with your phone, there are plenty of mobile bingo sites. So whether you have an iPhone or an Android, numerous online bingo sites are literally at the palm of your hand.

Before you rush to sign up, though, dig a little bit and see what others say about various bingo sites first. It should give you a clear idea of which bingo sites are truly worth your time and money.

There are many different bonuses and offers, it all depends on what you’re looking for. For a quick and fun game, you can choose a site with a no deposit bonus and enjoy playing a certain period without having to buy any bingo tickets. If you found a bingo site to your liking and you already used your no deposit bonus but your plane is late, some bingo sites offer loyalty programs. The more you play, the more rewards you are able to pick up.

Create a bucket list

Take a piece of paper or use the Notes app on your phone. Try to think of some fun things that you would like to do as well as some cool destinations that you want to visit in your lifetime. If you are a fan of adrenaline, maybe extreme sports like skydiving, mountain biking and scuba diving will suit you perfectly.

Plan trips to less-known locations or the far ends of the world– visit the Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu. Every activity that you will cross on that bucket list is a step closer to your lifelong joy and happiness. Be realistic, but also optimistic, about the things that you want to do.

Read about your homeland

Learning your history as well as some cool facts about your country is fun and inspiring. It will teach you to appreciate your place of birth even more, and who knows, maybe you stumble on a cool destination that is worth a visit. Every country in the world has a nice history that is worth reading about. You can tell it to the people that you will meet while travelling and inspire them to visit you.

Record and organise your memories

There is no worse feeling than coming home, ready to show your pictures of your trip to your friends and family, but find a mess that you have no idea what to do with. Create folders with names and exact dates – it will make things simpler, and way easier to remember. Organising the photos and videos can be very amusing and if you have good attention to detail, you will spend a few hours to select and move your memories to certain folders.