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Multi-generational holidays: which one is for you?

Family holidays
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

If you’re planning a break with both your kids and parents, here are three fun types to choose from.

In recent years there’s been a real explosion in the popularity of multi-generational breaks. In fact, in a survey carried out for Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance, more than 12.5 million people are said to have been on one – that’s about 18 per cent of the population. What’s more, 80 per cent of travellers felt that having three generations together made the holiday better.

So, what lies behind the popularity of the big family break?

Firstly, it’s fun! Grandparents don’t usually get the chance to really spend time with their grandchildren in such a capacity, and a family break provides the perfect opportunity. And because it’s on “neutral” territory it also takes away some of the tensions that arise when people are guests in other family members’ homes.

Equally importantly, it can work out to be a cheaper kind of holiday when the cost is shared between a number of people.

There’s no shortage of advice about making a holiday a success, and, as to what kind of holiday suits the different generations best, there are some natural candidates.

A villa abroad

One thing that you can’t guarantee on a UK holiday is the weather, so, if there are dedicated sun worshippers in the family, then a villa in the Mediterranian could be a good alternative. If it has a pool it will mean that the kids will never be bored – and, if you prefer to swim in the sea, there will probably be a beach within easy striking distance.

The Costa del Sol is a perennial favourite if you want a wide choice of beaches, and being able to reach them all is just a question of having the right transport. For flexibility and convenience, it’s probably best to have a couple of vehicles, and you can easily hire cars from Malaga airport that accommodates for all different sizes of family. Perhaps get a people carrier for whole family trips, along with a smaller car so the grandparents can escape on their own from time to time.

UK self-catering

The cheapest, and probably the simplest to organise, is a self-catering holiday home in the UK, especially when there’s so much to enjoy without leaving the country. A search online can also very quickly narrow down the homes that are ideal for your family group.

Another great reason for choosing this kind of holiday is that often families are scattered all over the country, so picking a location that is equally easy for everyone to reach is a great solution for getting everyone together.

Take a cruise

Another increasingly popular option is to take a cruise. The greatest thing about a cruise is that there is something for everyone to do, from deck games to climbing walls, from karaoke evenings to comedy sets. And with all the catering taken care of, it also means that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about who has to cook dinner.

So, if you’re thinking about booking your summer break now, don’t forget to include the grandparents too!

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