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5 tips for creating the perfect blog

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Starting a blog can be overwhelming. Follow this guide for quick pointers to get you started.

Bloggers have become the new go-to for everything. There are blogs on parenting, fashion, cooking, traveling, you name it. If you’re wanting to create one yourself but don’t know where to start, here are five tips for how to create your own.

Discover your story

Readers want to know about you. Decide what you want your blog to be about and throw yourself into it. Having a certain niche helps people understand what you and your blog are all about. Your story is essentially your brand, create a consistent brand and people will better engage with you.

Social media is your best friend

Almost as important as creating a niche, are your social media channels. You want to make sure that you are just as active there as you are when you’re blogging. Create fresh content consistently to help grow your brand. Also make sure to add social media buttons to your page so all your readers can share your stories.

Create a schedule

Running a blog consistently is like having a job. You will need to set aside dedicated time to your blog. Whether that’s a few hours a week or certain days, you will need to make it a consistent. Without a dedicated schedule it is easy to let your blog fall to the side, especially when you lead an already busy life.

Schedule posts

Along the lines of schedules, you will want to create some sort of calendar for your blog posts. Decide which days you want to post new articles – you can even create a schedule for social media posts to help you stay active.

Have fun

Having a blog shouldn’t be an added stress to your life. Blogging should be fun and can be even therapeutic. So don’t take it too seriously and keep it enjoyable for you.