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5 ways to introduce your baby to your “fur baby”

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Make sure your baby and pup get on from the start with these tips for introducing the two.

You’ve had, or are about to have, your human baby.

But what about your “fur baby”? – the latter being your pet dog that you treat like a real baby anyway.

Remember that an abrupt change – like the sudden introduction of baby –  can be stressful to your pup. Follow this guide to ensure that bipeds and quadrupeds live together in household harmony.

Make changes early

It’s important not to completely change everything at once. Dogs do their best when a routine is set in place and changing that all of sudden will stress them. Try adjusting the schedule slowly over period of time leading up to the arrival of your baby. Try shifting feeding times or times you go on walks to when you think you’ll do it once the baby is here.

Dedicate space to your pup

This can be helpful when your furry baby is feeling a little overwhelmed. Whether it’s a certain area of the home or just a comfy bed, make a space for your dog that is just theirs. Try finding the balance of where your dog can still see and be a part of the family but also far enough away where they can take a time out if they need.

Let them get their sniff on

This isn’t just limited to your new baby. Let your dog smell new clothes, bedding, furniture or even toys that come into the house. This will help them familiarise themselves with the items once the baby is home. Another helpful tip is to bring home some blankets or towels from the hospital once the baby is born so your pup can get a sniff of the new little person that is going to be joining the family.

Slowly make the introduction

Once it’s time to bring baby home, take your time and ease into the introduction of baby and dog. Let them start off by sniffing the baby’s bag, clothes or other belongings. Once you feel comfortable let your pup smell the newest member of the family.

Don’t let your dog feel left out

You will be busy with your new baby. But it’s just as important to spend some time with you fur babies. Make time to play or go on walks during nap time. Allow your dog to be around you and while you’re taking care of the baby. Spending time as a family will help your dog assimilate into their new role in the family. Check out our list to find out which breed of dog will be best for your family.