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Best locations to fly a kite in London

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Autumn is here! It’s cold, rainy, and…windy! Time to get out that kite and fly it in one of these five places.

As the temperatures drop and the breezes pick up, you might want to go and fly your kite with your children. It’s a lovely activity, fun to do, and it encourages physical activity.

Generally, you’re allowed to fly a kite wherever you like, as long as you don’t make a nuisance of yourself – so possibly not in Kingsway. Other than that, avoid lift offs near power lines or generally near roads, don’t fly it in stormy weather, or more than 30 metres off the ground when close to an aerodrome, airport or flight path. But what are the very best locations to fly a kite when you live in London?

Alexandra Palace

Located in North London between Muswell Hill and Wood Green, this open area is similar to Hampstead Heath but with fewer people. There’s plenty of green to give your kids (and the dog, I suppose…) a good run-around, and the location on a hill will give the kite plenty of backwind to gain height.

Northala Hills, Northolt

If you can afford travelling slightly further out, Northala Hills in Northolt is definitely worth a visit. It’s a country-style park consisting of four artificial hills and contains several fishing lakes and a larger field area perfect for kiting or even having a post-flight picnic. Still part of Greater London, it’s much quieter than some of the other locations on this list.

Hampstead Heath

The big and obvious one, Hampstead Heath in North London is one of the highest points in London, reaching from Hampstead to Highgate. It can be crowded on certain days, but the area is vast, so finding some space to fly a kite still shouldn’t be a problem, even around Parliament Hill. Not to mention that the Heath is stunningly beautiful.


If North London isn’t your thing, why not go for Blackheath instead? Quieter than Hampstead, the Blackheath is nevertheless beautiful and large enough for all your kiting needs. Located between Blackheath Village with its traditional pubs and indie boutiques to Greenwich Park, there are many other things to discover in the area.

Crystal Palace Park

Another park located in the South East, the Crystal Palace Park is a Victorian pleasure ground, obviously named after the Crystal Palace. Although there are some very tree-laden areas, there are quite a few open spaces which allow you to fly a kite in peace. To top it off, Dulwich Village isn’t far off, which is also well worth a visit.

As you can see, living in the metropolis doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the traditional joys of autumn with your kids. Kiting is just one example of a fun and special activity you can share with the youngsters in the fresh air. Be creative and don’t let the sinking temperatures confine you to your home.