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5 fun autumn outdoor activities to do as a family

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Make the best of autumn by committing to these five wonderful outdoor activities as a family.

Autumn can be a sad time of the year. With the temperatures dropping, the wind picking up and rain being more common than in the summer, many people just want to cuddle up at home and watch some television.

But the season brings a great deal of colour and possibilities for outdoor action. Therefore, we’ve gathered five of the best ideas for activities you can do with your children to make the best use of the most colourful time of year.

Enjoy the breeze by flying a kite

Ah yes… standing in an open field, feeling the cool breeze swipe through your hair, running around to get that kite started, and then manoeuvring it around with all the dexterity you can bring yourself to do. Kids love flying kites, and parents enjoy the sense of nostalgia reminding them of their inner child. There are even different types of kites, from more basic models to challenging stunt kits for older and more experienced kids. You live in a big city? Don’t worry: even in London it’s perfectly possible to fly a kite.

Go on an amazing adventure in an apple orchard

Let your kids run around an apple orchard, allow your nostrils to take in the smell of ripe apples and the fresh air, pick plenty of fruit to make that delightful apple crumble, and you’re sure to make this outing a tremendous success. There’s something calming and solemn about being able to teach your children about the ins and outs of apple picking, the best uses for apples, and just enjoying the entire atmosphere.

Become an explorer by scavenging for treasures

Autumn is the season of colour and detail, so make the best use of it by encouraging your children to become explorers. Perhaps make a list of things they should find to help them – particular types of leaves, interesting weeds, a tree seed, twigs, pinecones, smooth stones, you name it. Your child will thank you for an exciting treasure hunt in the forest and you will enjoy the hike.

Get lost in a maize maze

Plants generally grow well in the UK, and autumn is no exception. Get lost in an exciting maize maze and spend a wonderful time letting your children guide you through narrow pathways in the attempt to find the way out. With help of the Maize Maze Association you can find the maze nearest to your location. It’s a hilariously fun to do and will give you and your children plenty of exercise.

Get creative by raking leaves

By no means just a cheap excuse to get your kids to do some housework, raking leaves can be amazingly fun. Children love leaping into a pile of freshly raked leaves. They enjoy piling them into interesting shapes and forms, such as a leaf labyrinth or a driveway leaf maze. Be sure to help them if they’re little, and they’ll greatly enjoy every aspect of playing with the incredibly colourful selection of leaves.

Whether you love or hate autumn, these five outdoor activities are sure to keep you and your kids active and offer you plenty of time for bonding. It’s fun and guarantees you a wonderful time to make the most of the season.