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The 5 best places for your child to study abroad

Study abroad
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

From Europe to the USA, here are a handful of superb locations your child can enjoy an education in.

Getting into university education is a fantastic achievement and an essential qualification for any young person hoping to thrive in today’s tough jobs market. A degree completed abroad gives a CV some extra welly and gives employers another reason to take a second glance.

Not only does study abroad – whether at a summer school or for an entire degree – make your child employable, it also gives them the opportunity to see the world. They’ll absorb new cultures and truly develop into the young adult they’re meant to become.

Here’s our pick of the five best places for your child to study abroad.

5) Amsterdam

One of the world’s most cultural student cities has to be Amsterdam. As well as being home to stunning canals, a huge population of devoted cyclists and museums galore, Holland’s buzzing capital is also a hub of academia and home to one of Europe’s most respected universities.

4) Paris

Formerly the iconic ‘Sorbonne’, the University of Paris represents the union of several institutions in the city which joined together in the 12th century. A dream for any culture vulture, the French capital is bursting with life, from a diverse melting pot of local cafes to theatres, museums and galleries.

3) Oxford

Hopefuls from around the world flock each year to be interviewed for the prestigious Oxford University, whose alumni come from ever more diverse social and cultural backgrounds. As well as being a popular location for a UK summer school, Oxford University is one of the best respected colleges around the world.

2) Cambridge

Much like its age-old rival Oxford, Cambridge University is one of the best-loved places to study for students hailing from overseas. With beautiful surroundings and a college steeped in history and tradition, it makes a sensational choice for any student hoping to experience a culture different to their own.

1) Berkeley

Number one on our list is the USA’s Berkeley College, which is top-rated across the world for both academia and its cultural prowess. With a host of well-known alumni, world-class staff and a whole host of museums, theatres and live music venues in the surrounding area, the city also has some great cafes just perfect for writing that last minute essay.