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Monti Kids: ready to teach

Monti Kids
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The only at-home Montessori programme for children 0-3 years launches in the UK this October.

Research shows that 85 per cent of a child’s brain is formed by age three. Yet most children don’t start school until three years or older. Millennial parents know that early learning is crucial to a child’s overall development and are looking for ways – proven, effective ways – to educate new-borns and toddlers in those critical years before they set foot in a classroom.

Monti Kids is the only programme that gives parents access to the world’s number early education curriculum, Montessori, via an easy to use in-home subscription. 

Early education

Montessori is an educational approach that has been used for over 100 years – and is available today in over 20,000 schools worldwide. Its programs are child-directed, emphasising active, self-paced, individualised learning, thus encouraging confidence, independence, self-regulation, and self-discipline. Yet most Montessori programmes are designed for children ages 3-6 – which is why Zahra Kassam founded Monti Kids. 

“It baffles me that researchers know 0-3 is the most critical time of brain formation, the foundation for all future learning – and yet, kids start school later and parents are left guessing at what to do,” said Kassam.

An internationally certified Montessori teacher with degrees in Psychology and Education from Harvard, Kassam was inspired to launch Monti Kids when she could not find any products or programmes that would help her introduce a comprehensive Montessori education to her infant son. 

At the same time, “While teaching parent/baby classes in my neighbourhood, I met so many parents who understood the importance of the early years but felt confused about how to best support their baby’s development. I was not able to recommend a simple solution because it did not exist. So, I set out to create one.”

Tailored to development

Parents can sign their children up for Monti Kids anytime between birth and age 3. Families will receive Montessori toys in the post every three months, with each toy tailored to the child’s age and stage of development as per Montessori Curriculum guidelines. Along with toys and a curriculum a child would experience in a Montessori school, Monti Kids supports parents with online video guides on how to introduce each toy, and access to a private community of Montessori educators who offer personalised support.

Monti Kids offers eight levels, complete with age-appropriate authentic Montessori Curriculum designed by internationally certified Montessori educators. And it will be available for UK shipping from the end of October 2019 priced at $297 plus shipping. Learn more at