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Amy Childs on being mum and Obaby’s brand ambassador

Amy Childs
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

We caught up with TV star and mother of two Amy Childs for a chat about all things parenting.

Former TOWIE star Amy Childs was recently announced as brand ambassador for Obaby, the stylish baby brand known for creating quality nursery furniture. We recently spoke with Amy about this exciting appointment and also her new Obaby range, The Madrid.

So how does it feel being Obaby’s new brand ambassador?

I honestly feel overwhelmed – in a great way. I’ve known of the brand for a long time as I came across them when I had Polly [Amy’s first child] and loved their cots. Polly has their Stamford Luxe cot bed and changing unit, so, when this opportunity arose, I couldn’t say no! It’s so lovely to be working with an amazing household name that’s trusted and reliable. Their nursery ranges are such great quality I can’t wait to show them to everyone especially my new range, The Madrid.

What do you love most about the Obaby range?

I love that they have something for everyone. Each range has such variety but is made with care and quality. Obaby’s furniture looks great and fits in with modern day parents’ lifestyles. I personally will always love the Stamford range, as both my babies have had the Stamford Luxe cot bed now. The collection is so classic and clean looking and would look beautiful in any nursery. For a first-time mum it’s super affordable and there’s lots of different styles to choose from to suit yours and your child’s needs. I would honestly recommend to anyone. My friends have them also.

Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cot Bed

What should every home nursery not be without?

Ok, so for me it’s two things. You need something for the kids and then for you. For Polly, it’s got to be the ball pit she has in her room. She loves it so much and literally dives straight in every morning. It keeps her entertained and it’s lovely to see. For me, it’s got to be the Stamford closed changing unit. It’s not only a perfect storage solution that looks beautiful, it’s got an inbuilt bit on the top where you can place your baby’s changing mat. A great space saver, that stores all your things away and looks great – what more could you want?!

How do you manage to juggle work with ‘just being Mum’?

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you find it really hard. Some days I think how have I done it today, when I get into bed at night. But, my two kids are my world and my absolute everything. I’d do anything for them and it’s something you just do and you just get on with it. I think routine is so important and that’s really worked for me. I have got a busy life and juggle lots of work commitments with my home life, like most parents, but routine has helped so much. It’s not easy and everyone’s different but if you can find a routine that works for you then, I think it will help a lot.

Madrid Cot Bed – Eclipse

So how does motherhood differ second time around?

I feel like when you’re a mum second time around you’re more relaxed and calm – I know I have been. I’m not saying you don’t care as much, it’s just the unknown when you have your first child. When I was pregnant with Polly I worried every single day about what it was going to be like. So second time around, you know what’s in store mostly and so know what to look out for. Luckily both my pregnancies were very similar so I was a lot more calm and able to maybe enjoy it a bit more as I knew what was going on. The only thing that changed is that my bump was a lot bigger, but apparently it usually is second time around. Oh and it’s definitely harder to lose your baby weight after your second, as I’m finding.

Lastly, does your partner have much design input in your home nursery?

(Amy laughs) Mum always has the final say. My partner is brilliant but it’s like that old saying goes: mum knows best!

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