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Wonder Park film review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Finally, a film where a girl’s interests stretch further than being a princess.

Wonder Park is the animated story of teenager June and her imaginary amusement park that’s much more alive than she thinks. She constructs all types of attractions for her park through drawings and anything around the house she can find. With everything from Ferris wheels to flying fish and a monkey who helps bring her creations to life, she creates the attraction, Wonder Park.

But when June neglects Wonder Park, a powerful and evil darkness takes over and threatens to destroy everything that she worked so hard to build. It’s up to June and her imaginary friends, who maybe aren’t so imaginary after all, to save Wonder Park. But will she be able to recapture the light inside of her?

Why every little girl needs to watch this film

In most children’s films where the main character is female, we see the following typical storyline: girl either finds herself in some type of situation where she needs a man to rescue her or she finds out that she had really been a princess all along. The perfect thing about Wonder Park is that June is neither of those things.

June’s hobbies include building, architecture and maths. This film portrays a little girl who is interested in other things besides dolls, princesses or skipping ropes. For little girls who watch this film they finally have a role model who is into other types of things. For those little girls who’d rather play with trucks or build with Lego, they have in June someone who has similar interests. Someone who is more like them.

In addition to the girl power vibes this film gives, another great message that is portrayed is that anything is possible. June creates an entire amusement park and brings endless creations to life, all with the mantra that you can do anything you set your mind to.

So grab your little ones and teach them to push the boundaries of their imaginations with this inspirational film.

Wonder Park is out in UK cinemas on Monday 8th April, 2019.