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How to Find the Online Poker Site for You

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Finding the best online poker site may appear challenging if you are new to online poker and simply want to play a brief game online.

Whether you already know what sort of games you want to play or not, how are you meant to distinguish between all of the gaming portals where you may play online poker?

What else should you pay attention to? Is it better to go for the biggest bonuses, or should you prioritize reputation, the number of games offered, or the limits? The truth is that choosing amongst the best online poker sites is not difficult.

To guide you in finding the best online poker site for your needs, here is a list of the features you should look for in a poker site before registering to play.

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Top Poker Sites for Newcomers

Since the term “beginner” may be a bit misleading, let’s explain which kind of players are most suited for these poker websites.

You are considered a beginner if you have never played online poker before or if you have very little experience with the game.

As a newbie, you want to play online poker on sites that provide the following features:

  • a large number of Texas hold ‘em games
  • a large number of online qualifiers to participate in premium tournaments for lower-than-usual buy-ins
  • specific guidelines against the use of poker software and HUDs

Some sites, such as these online poker sites for UK players, have gone to considerable lengths to establish an environment that is especially welcoming to recreational players and newbies.

Rather than focusing on the most expensive high stakes games or the most sophisticated variations of online poker, these sites appear to have built an online experience that is ideal for first-timers and those who want to play for fun.

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Top Poker Sites for Experienced Players

Determining what constitutes an experienced player is also debatable. Some attribute experience to the number of online poker hands you’ve played, while others attribute it to your results at the table.

To keep things simple, we’ll define ‘experienced players’ as individuals who know how to play poker. They have played thousands of hands, and aren’t afraid to play poker games with a buy-in of $50 or more.

As they value a different sort of online poker experience, these players seek sites with a different set of entertainment features than the prior ones.

The best online poker sites for experienced players are ones that provide:

  • a significant cash-back scheme
  • a large number of poker games, huge traffic numbers on poker variations such as PLO, 
  • exportable hand history, and other related features
  • Tournaments and high-stakes games with large guaranteed payouts
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Profitable Bonuses

Another important aspect to consider while searching for a new website to play online poker games is the signup bonus.

Poker bonuses are especially appealing to new players. They provide additional funds to allow you to test out the games on a platform and determine whether the poker site you choose is the ideal one for you.

Different sorts of bonuses are available at online poker sites. These vary from the more common (but always appreciated) match bonus on your first deposit to the more unusual (but always welcome) no deposit bonus deals.

Each form of poker bonus serves a unique function and is best suited to a specific player.

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VIP Program

If you’re searching for a long-term poker platform, you should check the quality of their VIP program. Sites that provide cash incentives and free play in exchange for attaining particular status levels through regular games are worth exploring. 

Any form of free play or real money offer is a major benefit for new players since it provides you additional options in the case of a losing hand. Remember that if people value your loyalty, they also respect your success.

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Poker Software 

One of the most crucial elements to consider while looking for the best online poker site is the quality of the poker software.

To be fully honest, the dependability of the poker software is not the only factor to consider while choosing an online poker site. The other valuable consideration is: 

  • Mobile Experience

The ability of an online poker club to provide a fantastic mobile experience is also incredibly vital these days. As a result, several websites place a premium on their mobile offering and work tirelessly to develop poker applications. These apps are simple to use while still being quite responsive.

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Government Regulations

Another factor to consider when selecting a website to play online poker is if the site is legal in your jurisdiction.

Different countries regulate real-money online poker in different ways. As a result, not all sites are accessible to all gamers.

Different European nations have approached the legalization of online poker in different ways. As a result, online poker companies require a plethora of licenses to provide their services on a global scale.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s license is one of the most popular in Europe.

This state-controlled body serves as the ultimate assurance for players in terms of the site’s operations and the platform’s fairness.

All poker sites that seek for and get a normal gaming and poker license must pass stringent tests. As a result, you must always use a site that is legal in your jurisdiction.

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Online Poker Traffic

The consensus view may hold that the busiest online poker sites are the best places to put your money, but this couldn’t be farther from the reality. In actuality, because there is already so much competition, these can be some of the worst sites for novices to win at poker. 

When selecting a poker platform, compare the quantity of traffic each site receives every month. If you can locate a dependable platform with little traffic, this may be a goldmine for you to sharpen your abilities and compete against less experienced players.

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Before you join a poker site, check for the best poker offer that enables you to optimize your initial deposit and obtain some free real money to play poker with.

Compare the finest online poker sites to discover the greatest bonuses and promotions for you.

Read the wagering requirements in the T&Cs section of the poker site to determine how simple it is to withdraw your winnings. 

After you’ve completed all of the steps we’ve outlined, you’re ready to begin playing poker online.

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