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GoTcha! 4 alternatives to Game of Thrones

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

GoTcha Game of Thrones series seven fix yet?

The forever-talked-about fantasy drama has just started its latest series on Sky Atlantic. (In case you don’t know, GoTcha is an abbreviation of ‘Game of Thrones’ with a ‘cha’ thrown in for editorial licence.)

But if you aren’t yet dazzled into submission by all the skin and swords on display, here are four alternative and fabulous TV shows to waste away your lives upon…

American Gods (Starz)

The new kid on the block. Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, it’s only just finished its first magnificent series. It’s fantasy drama about gods who live on Earth among humans and the impeding battle between Old and New Gods. Of course, there’s the usual sex on TV tap (beating even GoT for shock value) and violence to titillate viewers.

Black Sails (Amazon Instant Video)

Set in the 18th-century, it’s sense of grandeur sometimes matches GoT. It has action sequences one might expect from a series produced by Michael Bay. Plus equally ambitious storylines. And beyond all the cutlasses blood and nudity, there are some surprisingly in-depth, character-driven storylines.

Sons of Anarchy (Netflix)

Like GoT, Sons of Anarchy’s plot, about an outlaw motorcycle club, is often referred to as Shakespearean. Creator Kurt Sutter says it’s “not a version of Hamlet but it’s definitely influenced by it.” It’s gritty, smart and violent (sometimes tastelessly so).  It contains a colourful cast of characters,and enough intricate storyline threads to make it hard to put down.

Dr Who (BBC)

He’s a good doctor, you know. Sorry, we mean she’s a good doctor. The news that the 13th Dr Who incarnation is a woman, Jodie Whittaker, for the first time has been praised by the public. The show feels like it’s been around since time immemorial (actually since 1963) and for good reason. The Time Lord flits between time in his/her TARDIS, fighting robots and monsters on unending exploits throughout the galaxy. Will it ever be exterminated? We hope not.