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Why playing sports prepares your child for the future

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are four reasons why your little one should try their hands and feet at as many sports as they can.

Sports is about more than just staying in shape. When it comes to kids, it teaches them skills such as the value of working with others to the differing levels of responsibility they will encounter in life.

We take a look in more detail at four excellent reasons why your child should embrace sports and how it will help prepare them for the future.


Learning how to work as a part of team, learning how to work with others and learning that every person on a team can contribute something different are just a few ways that playing on a sports team can teach children. It will teach children how to effectively collaborate with others, which is helpful for when they eventually start working and interacting with co-workers.


Playing sports teaches children about different levels of responsibility. It instils in children the idea that they have a part to play to help their team be successful. It shows them how people can count on them even if they are children. For instance, showing up to practices and games on time, every time teaches them accountability.


Participating in sports can make your little ones feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. It’s important children learn that not everything will come easy to them and that they must practise and work hard to see results. Once they’ve attained a certain skill or achieved a particular goal, they will feel a sense of pride, increasing their self-confidence.

Physical fitness

The most obvious reason to get your children into sports is fitness. Sports are an excellent way to get some regular exercise into your children’s lives and help them lead strong, healthy lives. While your child is running around and playing with their friends, they are working their cardiovascular systems without it feeling like unpleasant work for them. And a fitter body will lead to a fitter, longer life.