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Fortnite dance classes (yes, really)

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Learn how the Fortnite phenomenon has spawned a dance class for kids.

While the huge popularity of video game Fortnite has a number of different effects on children, one of the most unexpected is getting them to dance! Inspired by the game, David Lloyd Clubs (a chain of UK fitness clubs) has created a dance class for kids called ‘Emote Royale.’

What has Fortnite got to do with dancing?

Though Fortnite is best known for its gunplay action, players have the opportunity to celebrate their victories in the game with dancing. Called ‘emotes,’ they can be bought in game to make their player break out into dance. While featuring everything from the worm to the Charleston dance form The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the most popular dance of today is the floss.

What is the floss?

Like the macarena, the floss is just complicated enough that it can’t be immediately picked up. The dance impresses kids by pulling off the slightly complicated move. It consists of standing still, whilst jerking the hips and swaying the arms with clenched fists. It was popularised by Russell Horning, aka Backpack Kid. He is a teen dancer who did the ridiculous move on Saturday Night Live in a Katy Perry performance.

So what does this Fortnite dance class consist of?

Emote Royale, named after the emotes in the game, combines a dozen moves into a Fortnite-themed workout. According to the club, ‘once each move has been perfected, the class performs a routine of all 12 moves together.’ They even warm down with dances from the game ‘such as the slowed down version of “the eagle” and the “storm salutation.”’ The classes are part of the club’s ‘DL Kids’ program.

For all the worry parents might have over the game’s violence and addictive qualities, at least it’s getting kids out of the house to exercise!