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The 5 best family board games to buy in 2018

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Switch off screens and gather round with our pick of the best family-friendly winter board games.

Get back to a bit of round-the-table fun with family with these cracking board games…

Iglo Mania

Use four penguin ice picks to try and pull out blocks from the igloo without Parka Pete noticing. Using a steady hand, hook the ice pick in the middle of the black and turn and pull. If the igloo crashes down, Pete falls and you lose. The ice blocks are numbered so that at the end the player that’s use the most skill to extract the trickiest block wins.

£16 from thetoyshop.com

Dynamite Dare Game

Diffuse or lose! In this whacky Wild West game players try to diffuse the dynamite to get the gold. Put red foam dynamite in the back of the safe, wind up the timer and start the game. With the clock ticking, you have to quickly decide what detonator plugs diffuse the dynamite by pushing the plugs as fast as possible. But use the wrong one or take too long and the dynamite explodes.

£19.99 from smythstoys.com

Pokemon Trainer Guess

One player thinks of a Pokemon and the other guesses it. After a few questions, the Poke ball will tell you which Pokemon you were thinking of! Once a Pokemon has been guessed, it goes into your electronic collection. There are an impressive 151 to guess and collect.

£19.99 from character-online.com

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