The good (sex) life

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

John Donlon looks at bringing back the goodness of sex and creating that loving feeling in the bedroom.

Sex has been so put aside in our society, and even intimate relationships, that I wanted to take time to welcome it back, especially for men, so that they can affirm their sexual desire and connect to their partner in a real and honourable way.

Extend love-making into your day

Love-making for a woman begins way before you get into bed. It begins when you wake up in the morning. So, extend that presence and attentiveness out from the bedroom and bring your genuine appreciation for her into your day.

couple holding hands

Approach her with all of you

As men we often approach women from a part of us, either with our eyes (“I love the way you look,”), our heart (“I really care for you,”) or our penis (“I could do you now,”). Women can tell if we are just coming from one place. They don’t feel completely seen. But when we are coming from all of us — that also makes a woman feel we see all of her. So centre yourself and approach her with all of you.

Tip to have a good sex life

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