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Tried and Tested – Lifft Sling

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

I’ts well known that men often worry about how they will bond with their newborn; yet research from Canada has shown that when a man cuddles a baby it increases levels of the hormone prolactin, which is prevalent in pregnant women ais described as the hormone which engenders a love of a baby.

With this in mind, Lifft has created the ‘for him’ baby slingrange, available in sizes and colours specifically aimed at men. The thinking being that if dad carries the baby more  he will bond quicker. Therefore, a baby sling can be the way to help fathers strengthen the bond with their babies.

Louise Day, founder of Lifft Sling says “Research suggests that a high levelof intimacy between dad and baby in the first few months produces a closer attachment, so a baby sling for men seemed the perfect solution.

Slings have become more popular, particuarly with dads, as they can take baby for a walk increasing the time they spend with their new baby”.

With at least five alternative ways to wear the Lifft Sling, this buckle/clasp free sling is great for newborn babies through toddlerhood to three year olds weighing up to 35lbs. With different colour combinations to choose from, and sizes S, M, and large to choose from, the Lifft Sling is fast becoming the must-have accessory for every new parent.