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5 common dad injuries (and how to avoid them)

Dad injuries
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

From pack horse pelvis to plyometric baby throws, physio Jamie Webb has been fixing broken dads for 13 years. 

Nothing can prepare you for the relentless onslaught that is fatherhood. The broken nights, the sheer volume of baby equipment and the tiny fingers and toes. But few consider the physical toll fatherhood can take on the body. Increased load and stress associated with fatherhood can really cause a mischief to ageing bodies according to muscle geek and physiotherapist Jamie Webb.

Here he shares the five most common dad injuries he sees and what to do about them.

Dad injury 1: baby holding bicep

You’re there for hours selflessly trying to get the baby to sleep so you’re allowed to go out for a beer later in the week. A baby is way light than the weight used to biceps curl in the gym, but holing a baby in a static position for a longer duration is a whole different exercise. It really tests your muscular endurance in a way it doesn’t in the gym, The biceps burn and give up.

How to avoid it:

Try and break the baby holding into chunks and pass the baby on to anyone who’ll hold them, even if just for a few seconds to help your muscles recover.

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