Why it’s still worth considering a dry January

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Need a little inspiration to help keep this month as dry as a drought?

It’s already the third week of January. And by now some of us can probably admit that our New Year’s resolutions may have already faltered. (If not, well, congratulations to you!)

For many years, I have equally set myself the challenge of a “Dry January” just to give my liver a break from the over indulgence of the festive period. But each year I fail and 2018 appears to be no different. But it’s not too late, I promise, we can still pull through and enjoy the rest of the month sober. Trust me, not only will your liver thank you, but your family will too!

So here are some reasons to say no to the booze (at least for the rest of the month)…

Sleep tight

The digestion of alcohol also disrupts the most restorative phase of sleep that occurs later in the night. Although we may think that a nightcap helps us doze off quicker, your abstinence will provide you with instantaneous benefits.

And besides, don’t we all dread waking up in the middle of the night gasping for a drink? Not only will Dry January ensure you have a blissful slumber, but you can do so without the need to drink half a gallon of water. (But I cannot guarantee you won’t be awoken by the sounds of your little ones.)

Energy boost

After a restful night’s sleep you’ll have more energy to spend time with your family. And to play with those little rascals of yours, you will need as much energy as you can get!

Alcohol is known to dehydrate you, which in turn is one of the biggest causes of fatigue and lack of energy. Drinking water, then, is imperative. Along with your improved energy levels, your ability to concentrate will sky rocket! Whether you need to prepare a business proposal or help your tot with their homework, high concentration levels will be required.

Health improvements

Alcohol dehydrates not only your body, but also your skin. So, there is a reason you wake up after a night of drinking often with your eyes and skin appearing a little duller.

It makes sense to say that if you reduce the amount you drink now, you should not only feel a little brighter but also look a little brighter too! And as your sleep schedule improves, your skin should begin to look more youthful as your hydration is restored.

Goodbye empty calories

It comes as no surprise that alcohol contains an abundance of empty calories. A recent survey commissioned by Skinny Brands revealed that within a typical month, we will consume up to eight pints of lager or beer, nine glasses of wine and three glasses of bubbly.

Although this many not sound like a lot to some of us, this racks up a hefty number (4,918 to be exact) of calories. Cutting out the silly sauce will free up your body to digest much healthier calories. Meaning a healthier you.