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Try the ‘How Far Can You Run In A Year’ tool

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Find out just how you compare with other UK runners with this cool new tool.

From London to Sweden, a new running tool takes the miles you run per week and shows you how far you could run around the world in a year. The tool, created by performance sports brand Asics, lets you enter your location and shows you the distance you cover in a month, six months and a year, along with revealing how you compare to other UK runners. 

For example, if you live in Brixton and run 15 miles a week, you’d cover 782 miles in a year, which is equivalent to the distance between Brixton and Ponte de Lima, Portugal or Linkoeping, Sweden or Riccione, Italy.

For example, if you are a 30-year-old north Londoner and run five miles per week, you could run as far as the Netherland in a year.

According to the tool, if you run miles a week, you run 2.3 miles more per week than an average runner and three miles more than your age group (25-34), meaning you are in the top 15 per cent of runners in the UK.

Rick Hoving, Senior E-Commerce Manager EMEA at ASICS, says: “The results of our survey show that the UK is filled with runners of every description, whether it’s the early risers pounding the pavements or the weekly competitors out in the country lanes, enthusiasts are steadily clocking the miles and that’s something to be celebrated. 

“While some of the results confirm what we know, that many run for fitness and health reasons, it’s encouraging to see how many people recognise the benefits for mental wellbeing. It’s also eye-opening to see that both men and women over 35 run the furthest, showing that people of all ages can enjoy the sport. 

“By showing people how their daily run can translate into huge distances over the course of a year and how they compare to others around the country, we want to acknowledge their achievement and encourage people to get their trainers on!”

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