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Why start your day with an Organic Breakfast?

Organic Breakfast
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Wake up to Organic is giving away a free mini-organic breakfast at selected restaurants around the UK today. But a free breakfast shouldn’t be the only reason you try to start your day with a healthy natural breakfast.

Organic food is a great way to start your day. The absence of  pesticides and fertilisers means that organic produce is higher in nutritional content. By just starting the day right you could be making a difference to your child’s diet and yours.

Why Organic?

Organic Breakfast

Other than the nutritional benefits of chemical free food, it’s also better for the environment. Less chemicals in making the food, means less pollutants. This explains why it may be better to eat organic fruit and veg, but why change to organic meat and dairy?

The main argument for switching up would be the antibiotics which are fed to animals. As humans we need antibiotics to fight infection. Consuming large quantities of them through meat and dairy products could make them less effective when we really need them. Another reason to try a vegan diet once a week.

Rather than making a straight switch breakfast is a good way to start introducing natural produce into your diet.

Start at Breakfast time

Organic Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body has been on fast for 8 hours and is in need of nutrients to start the day right. Though a piece of toast and some cereal is a quick fix, is it really giving you what your body needs?

Organic Breakfast

Organic Feta and guacamole make nice change at breakfast

Time is often a factor when it comes to preparing breakfast for the kids and yourself. But a natural and healthy breakfast needn’t be time consuming. There are loads of quick and easy recipes you can find online. You can also prepare food the night before, to have ready in the morning.

Organic Breakfast

Try Organic Banana Bread to start the day

When you want a break from cooking treat yourself by visiting your local Le Pan Quotidien or Whole Foods Market where they use natural products to prepare you a delicious breakfast.

A little time and effort for a healthier start to your day is definitely worth it.