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Batch cooking made easier for parents

Beaba Babycook Neo
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

This superb baby food maker is designed to make your parental life so much easier in the kitchen.

During lockdown, we all adapted and changed our habits to fit in with the ‘new normal’.  As it was trickier to ‘just nip to the shops’ we took to the stove, embraced batch cooking and meal prepping and swapped previously shop-bought, pre-made purees for homemade meals – saving money and reducing waste.

If you’re heading towards the weaning stage milestone, it may seem daunting to make your baby’s meals from scratch. But making your own baby food can be economical, easy – and fun!

You’ll be surprised to discover that it really will take less time to puree baby food than you imagined – especially if you enlist the help of a kitchen buddy like Beaba’s Babycook Neo 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker.


The award-winning Babycook Neo (RRP £160) isn’t your every day, run-of-the mill steamer. This simple, safe, stylish and super convenient babyfood maker steams, blends, defrosts and heats. The Neo is available in eye-catching Midnight Blue & Rose Gold, as well as classic White and Grey.

While steaming, the Neo retains all the valuable vitamins and minerals. The high quality double-level, stainless steel blade ensures uniform mixing. As baby grows, chunkier purée and different textures can be created by adjusting the liquid quantity and length of blend time.

The Babycook Neo uses less energy than previous Babycooks and is also the only baby food maker on the market that has a large (1.25l) glass bowl and increased capacity stainless steel steam basket, which means that you can prepare 33 per cent more ingredients in one go.

What’s more, you don’t have to constantly watch the Neo while it cooks as it automatically turns off when the food is cooked to avoid overcooking.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel tank with a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Single one button design
  • Double level, stainless steel blade
  • Large glass bowl (1.25l)
  • High quality, durable stainless steel steam basket
  • Ergonomic handle, with one-handed open/close function

Babycook Neo’s energy saving facts

  • The materials used, such as the glass bowl, enable the reduction of CO2 emissions by 48 per cent
  • Cooking optimisation and mixing time, reduces energy by 45 per cent
  • Modulation power cooking reduces energy and water functioning by 50 per cent

The increased capacity of the steam basket can prepare 33% more ingredients

Once your meals are made

Beaba has also introduced a new range of contemporary glass accessories which are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe to complement the Neo. BEABA’s Glass Conservation Jars (RRP £15 for a pack of two, 150ml/250ml) are designed for freezing, storing and transporting meals for baby or indeed, the rest of the family.

The airtight supple lids preserve flavor and they’re made from heat and thermal shock resistant glass. Visible graduation marks make measuring really easy too! Make and transport your meals in style with Beaba’s Babycook Neo and matching conservation jars.

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