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7 essential remedies for your patchy beard

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Say goodbye to patchy beards and hello to glorious ones with the following advice.

Dealing with a patchy beard can be a real nightmare, especially for grownups. In the past several years a good beard went from being a facial feature to an element of style. But what can you do with all of those hairless spots? 

There are many natural remedies that can significantly help in your fight against bald areas. By making some simple changes in your life, the chances are you’ll soon notice your beard getting thicker.  

Let time do its magic

You can’t expect your beard to be perfect overnight. It is completely fine to have a patchy beard – you’re not the only one. Everyone experiences the same problems at certain times, which means that you need to be patient. On the way to a glorious look, there will be more than one awkward moment, but you’ll have to embrace them. Don’t give up too fast. Instead, wait it out for at least a month. Some guys need more time, and that is completely normal. 

Be careful with what you eat

You are probably tired of hearing all about a healthy diet. But your patchy beard might be connected to your everyday meals. If you want to say goodbye to the hairless spots, make sure to get all the essential vitamins and minerals. This means you have to amp up the intake of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins including E, A, B, C and more. Scientists even say that a balanced diet is your best solution that leads to a thick, masculine beard. In the meantime, forget about hot dogs, chicken wings, hamburgers and pizza. 

Use natural oils

Just like with hair, the beard requires proper care with quality products. The group of products you should be focussed on to fill in the patches is natural oils. They are already proven to stimulate hair growth and do not contain any harmful chemicals. 

The ones that you definitely have to try are castor, argan and coconut oil. You can now save up on the best beard serum from All Beauty with this All Beauty Discount Code offered by It features argan oil in the ingredient list, so hurry up before it’s gone. 

Don’t forget to exfoliate

The better you treat the skin, the more it will give back. The way to a fuller beard is through proper skin care. That includes exfoliating once a week and using natural products. It will remove all the dead skin cells from the surface, leaving the face clean. The exfoliation will also unclog follicles and stimulate the growth of the beard. 

Nourish it with balms

It’s time to splurge on some beard products. Balms are the thing you need if you want to fight off the patchy beard. They are packed with moisturising ingredients that will induce the growth of hair in those bald areas. Use them with small brushes with gentle massaging motions. Apply a tiny amount of balm on the brush and go through the beard with it. Focus more on the hairless parts. The main goal is to encourage the follicles for a more evenly distributed growth and tame it down at the same time. 


You’re probably wondering, “How can everything be connected to healthy diet and working out?” The truth is that if you exercise regularly you will encourage higher levels of the hormone testosterone. You already know that it is responsible for the appearance of facial hair. At the same time, exercising increases the blood flow, which is also associated with a thicker beard. 

Have you tried garlic juice?

It sounds gross, but it actually does the job. According to research, garlic juice contains a number of ingredients that can stimulate hair growth. This is a natural remedy people often use for thinning and fine hair. Garlic is rich in zinc, sulphur, calcium, vitamin C, all of which are essential for hair growth. It also nourishes and moisturises the skin.


The road to a thick beard is not easy but it is possible. You just have to give your patchy beard more attention and more time. These seven essential remedies can help you grow the beard you always wanted to have and we encourage you to try any of them. If you want to see the best results you should try to incorporate all the above advice in your daily routine. (Okay, you can skip the last one if you don’t like the smell of the garlic – but it’s worth a try!)