How to make wedding planning easy

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Follow these five tips for how to plan your wedding without going crazy.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and will bring out a side in your partner and yourself that neither has met before. But don’t worry, here is a guide to making wedding planning an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Create a budget

Weddings can be super expensive, and they quickly can spiral out of control. Creating a budget for exactly what and how much you want to spend is an easy way to make sure you stay on track. Check out a guide on how to get started here.

Make TONS of lists

To-do lists are a tangible way to help you organise what you need to do. Make a list of questions to ask venues, a list for costs, and definitely a guest list. Create lists for last-minute things to do or buy. Another bonus of having a list is the feeling of accomplishment when you tick things off.

It’s never too early to start planning

As someone who has worked in the wedding industry, I can say for sure it is better to start planning sooner rather than later. The less time you have until your wedding date, leaves you with less options and higher prices. Many wedding vendors will have been booked well in advance and if they are available on short notice, they often charge extra. So save yourself money and stress by giving yourself a generous amount of time for planning.

Do take your partner into consideration

A wedding is all about celebrating the union of two people. Both people should be involved in the process. There has been a spike lately in men wanting to be more involved in the wedding process. Let them! Wedding planning is fun and exciting. This is a time for you and your partner to spend together.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Your wedding is all about you. Don’t feel pressured to take every suggestion that people offer you. The last thing you want is to look back and regret having or not having something on your special day.