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Xmas gourmet kitchen gifts

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Microplane, the famous pioneer of photos-etched graters, has Christmas gourmet gifts covered.

Turn someone into a culinary ninja in the kitchen this Christmas with these fabulous gifts…

Microplane Adjustable V-Blade Slicer with Julienne Feature

The compact Mandolin, combining two grating / slicing options, has a wide, long-lasting, ultra-sharp stainless-steel V-blade which quickly, effortlessly and precisely slices an array of fruits, vegetables and cheese. Using the Infinity soft-touch Dial, you can change the slice thickness from paper-thin to thick and  everything in between!

Flip the deck over to switch from the V-Blade to the Julienne teeth. The durable, razor-sharp stainless-steel teeth act like sharp knives to cut ingredients precisely, without tearing, into long, thin, uniform strips.

Use the Adjustable  V-Blade for slices of potato for creamy Christmas Day Dauphinoise and cucumber, courgette and tomato for Boxing Day salads. Use the Julienne with celery, celeriac and carrots to create colourful, nutritious coleslaw and a Turkey stir fry as well as  magnificent gourmet decorations. And don’t forget perfect Julienne potatoes, stir  fried in seconds, to create a crispy, savoury snack.

Non-Slip Foot and Bowl Anchors protect the worktop, plate or board when using  horizontally and provide stability when grating vertically over pans or bowls. With  no pressure, ingredients slide quickly and easily from the blade(s) without tearing or shredding to produce perfect results every time. The ergonomic, Soft-Touch Handle is easy to hold with either hand and whilst dishwasher safe, it can be  cleaned quickly by simply rinsing under the tap.

RRP £49.95 |

Microplane Professional Serrated Peeler

The latest addition to the meticulously engineered range is the Microplane Professional Serrated Peeler with an elegant, balanced design ideal for peeling soft-skinned fruit such as kiwis, mangoes, peaches and papaya for festive fruit salads. Soft vegetables like peppers and tomatoes are also easy to prepare for winter soups and sauces.

The ultra-sharp, curved, stainless-steel serrated double blade swivels up to 30 degrees to expertly contour fruit and vegetables and guarantees perfect results every time. Simply place the serrated blade on the skin of the ingredient and gently peel, the skin will come right off doing away with the need for blanching.  

Unlike traditional peelers, the Professional Serrated Peeler is slightly heavier and the blades can be moved back and forth, with little pressure, in one movement. The soft-touch, ergonomic handle, expertly created  for right or left-hand use, enables the thumb and forefinger to find the optimum position for precise and  comfortable use. 

Aside from easily peeling soft fruits and vegetables, the new Serrated Peeler can also be used for zesting.  It removes perfect strips of citrus without the bitter white pith and is ideal for use with extra-ripe fruits where  one wrong move with a knife can reduce the flesh to juicy mush!

RRP £19.95 |

Microplane Premium Classic Zester

Initially launched without a handle as a woodworking tool, the iconic long, narrow, rasp-style design of the Microplane Premium Classic Zester now has an ergonomic soft-touch handle available in 14 colours including Night Blue, Coral Red, Green, Black and White.

A long-lasting stainless steel blade – featuring 400 micro-teeth – delivers a high-performance grater perfect for citrus fruits, ginger and nutmeg to add flavour and aroma to Christmas cakes and puddings and chocolate for a professional flourish to puddings. 

Made in the USA, the tiny teeth behave like extremely sharp knives to cut ingredients with precision rather than tearing or shredding like most stamped graters. The blade ensures that food does not stick or block, but instead gently slides along the cutting surface to produce perfect results every time, with no effort.

Microplane is the preferred grater of choice of professional chefs, TV cookery  show presenters and passionate home cooks around the world.

Anti-Scratch end caps protect the worktop, plate or board when grating horizontally and provide better  stability when grating vertically over pans or bowls.  

With no pressure, the food slides quickly and easily from the blade without tearing, shredding or blocking  to produce perfect results every time. The protective case enables safe storage in a drawer. 

RRP £19.95 |

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