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New York Jets Unveil New Uniforms

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The New York Jets have revealed new uniforms, along with a new primary logo, as part of an overall rebrand ahead of the 2024 season, writes Tim Barnes-Clay.

The fresh look of the New York Jets is a nod to the fan favourite Sack Exchange era, while modernising and improving the iconic image that resonates with all generations of fans. This rebrand continues the New York Jets mission to uphold the tradition and create a new feel that people around the world are excited about.

We work for the fans, they have consistently asked for us to return to our roots and we heard them. The new uniforms are explicitly designed to look and feel like the New York Jets while refreshing the club’s iconic logo – viewed by fans as our most identifiable mark.

Jets Chairman, Woody Johnson

The Jets “Legacy Collection” includes three uniform versions, Legacy Green, Legacy White, and Legacy Black. The team’s new regalia are designed to pay tribute to a historical time in the club’s history while taking advantage of technology advancements in the industry to create a modern uniform that allows athletes to perform at the highest level. The jerseys feature double striped shoulders and single stripe pants, the same design the team wore throughout the Sack Exchange era.

Recreating our uniforms, as well as developing a modernised look for the organisation signifies our commitment to progress, remaining innovative, and delivering excellence to our players and fans. Elevating the New York Jets identity with a refreshed uniform embodies a timeless look while empowering every player and generations of fans to stand out and stay true to our team’s heritage.

Hymie Elhai, President of New York Jets

The Jets logo has been modernised for today’s digital landscape. A streamlined font and condensed spacing refine the primary logo. While a bolder Jet shape and thicker Jet tail elevate the look. The Jets logo will be added to each helmet shell, with either a white or green face mask. Due to the popularity of the bespoke green and matte black, the helmet shells colours will remain the same.

A full suite of secondary logos has been developed to reinforce and expand the Jets powerful brand identity. These logos incorporate key characteristics of the primary mark, including font, colour and in some instances, the distinctive shape of the Jet.

In addition to new uniforms for players, Jets fans have an opportunity to upgrade their wardrobe with the newest Jets apparel. A fresh collection of Jets wear has launched on that features jerseys, jackets, hoodies, caps, and t-shirts, all with the new legacy logo. Additionally, all fans can purchase the new apparel on gamedays at the official Jets Shop at MetLife Stadium.

For more information on the new uniforms please click here.

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