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Tesla Model S P85 – Electric Dreams

[Image - Ross Jukes]
Written by Sam Skelding

After a week of test-driving the best 5-door electric car on the market, Paul Hadley presents the automotive future, today.

The Tesla Model S P85 is a fully electric, five-door saloon car built in California, USA. Tesla are leaders in the electric car market and the Model S – somehow managing to be both a great businessman’s car and suitable for families – has been changing perceptions and purchasing decisions across the motoring industry.

The Drive

The Tesla Model S P85 drives like nothing that has come before it and there are lots of advantages to having electric power over an internal combustion engine. The first thing you’ll notice is the instant torque available straight out of the gate. The power is always available on command, with no wind-up or lag. You just put your foot down and the power surges to the rear wheels.

The handling of the Model S is also incredible for a car of its size and class, with a balanced weight distribution and some clever electronics to achieve traction whilst deploying its 410bhp. The car emulates a limited slip differential, using the brakes to control wheel spin and manage maximum traction. This setup works brilliantly, wet or dry, controlling the traction and achieving maximum boost every time.

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