A new mobile network to prevent children being bullied

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Parents can now control their child’s mobile phone activities thanks to a revolutionary SIM card that can be remotely managed from any authorised computer. With mobile abuse an increasing threat amongst children, parents across the country are celebrating a milestone in the British mobile industry, heralding the launch of Bemilo, the UK’s safest mobile network.  For the first time, parents will be able to have full control of their child’s mobile service, putting an end to mobile bullying, late night phone use, mobile phone use in class and rising monthly mobile phone bills.

Simon Goff, Founder & Chairman Bemilo said: “Mobile bullies can’t trick our system. Bemilo’s product is committed to putting an end to mobile bullying. Parents are able to review the content of all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, even if the child has deleted the information from its phone. Bemilo can also bypass withheld numbers, disallowing bullies from contacting a child if they are not set up as an approved contact. Likewise, if a parent contacts the child from a withheld number, our technology ensures the number will always get through.”

Bemilo’s safe and secure service has been designed to be managed by parents and used by children. It’s now part of everyday life for us all to stay connected with friends and family, which is great, however only when it comes to the people parents WANT their children to be in contact with – mobile safety for children has never been more important.  With Bemilo, parents can be in full control of their child’s mobile service 24 hours a day through a parentally controlled web page accessed through their Bemilo account. This function allows parents access to their Bemilo account from anywhere (even their mobile phone), edit their child’s mobile service instantly, and as often as necessary.   

The new network, run on vodaphone, will officially launch 21st May 2012, and be available to purchase at and The Carphone Warehouse stores nationwide from the 28th of May. 

A Bemilo safety pack wiil cost from £2.95 per month, with calls, SMS and data can be purchased as part of a competitive pay as you go tariff**

**Bemilo tariff: 10p per minute for calls to UK landlines and standard UK mobiles; standard UK text message 10p, data 25p per MB
Bemilo’s 12 month package is available at a reduced rate of £2.95 per month, over a standard monthly package of £3.95


With mobile abuse an increasing threat amongst British children, parents celebrate the launch of Bemilo, the UK’s safest mobile network.  Managed by parents. Used by children