‘Modern Day Father’ downs tools for cookbooks and dusters says new survey

[Image - Andrea Kratzenberg]
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A survey of over 1,000 respondents has found that modern day fathers are more likely to be seen in the kitchen preparing the evening meal, or with a duster and hoover sprucing up the house, in comparison to the ‘traditional’ idea of fathers whose primary role was seen to be working and other stereotypical male roles.

Award-winning online retailer has conducted a nationwide survey showing that while 77% of respondents recall the traditional primary role of the father from their own childhoods to be concerned with earning the keep, 70% now view the modern day father’s primary role to be cooking.

Further results from the survey showed the following:

When growing up, respondents remember their father’s taking on roles such as working, painting and decorating, DIY, gardening and taking the bins out.

When asked which roles the modern day father is known for, the top three primary roles were cooking (70%), shopping (61%) and cleaning (58%)

Results showed that modern day fathers are 48% less likely to discipline their children in comparison to the generation of fathers before them.

Holly Tucker, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of commented “The results are really interesting when looking at how the role of ‘father’ is perceived now, and how it is changing with modern times. We found the fact that fathers are seen to be taking on more domestic roles such as cooking and cleaning intriguing and were pleased to see that they take a more active role spending time with their children.”

Results also found that the modern day father is much more likely to take an active, fun parental role with their children. It was found that fathers are now 49% more likely to spend time playing with their children and 48% more likely to take their children to school.

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