The Launch of FQ Thailand

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The latest incarnation of the FQ brand was successfuly launched back in March with FQ Thailand continuing the proud international traditions of ‘The Essential Dad Mag’.

After the success of the Japanese edition, which is both in print and online, FQ Thailand is the third instalment of the magazine brand and is available solely in print form.

Published by Grand Prix International, it will seek to build on the success of its English and Japanese counterparts, finding audiences who have outgrown ‘lads mags’ and instead, seek a more sophisticated read according to their tastes.

Since its inception, the Thai edition has had such stars as Brad Pitt and David Beckham grace its cover and is sure to continue to attract some of the most famous fathers from all over the world. It’s also further proof that despite cultural differences, the majority of fathers wish to be informed on the same issues and possess the same doubts, interests and a desire to embrace the modern challenges of the role that unites us all.

With the FQ brand having originally launched in 2002, it’s uniqueness and innovation in the parenthood sector has helped it garner a wide audience and remains to this day the sole magazine that caters specifically for the modern father.